You deserved better!

Government caved to pressure from Big Telcos

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It's time to cut Canadian Internet and Cell Phone bills.

Shouldn’t the Government look out for your interests?

The Government caved to pressure from the Big Telcos, who threatened to hold back investments in rural Canada unless they were protected from competition. Internet prices are already on the rise.

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Canadians deserve real choice and lower prices to stay connected.

More choice means lower prices for you.

Canadians pay more for telecom services than many countries around the world. You deserve fairly priced internet to work, study, access services and connect with loved ones.

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More choice equals lower prices for all Canadians.

Big Telcos work together to keep your bills high.

Prices will only drop when you have a real choice. Speak up! Consumer friendly pricing relies on strong competition.

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The giants coordinate to keep cell phone prices high where there’s no competition.

Big Telcos use unfair tactics to lock you in.

The government heard from Canadians who are frustrated with the Big Telcos unfair tactics. Now prices are on the rise. You deserved better!

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Canadians complained that the big telcos use unfair sales tactics to lock customers in.


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